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Walls proudly designs its workwear in Fort Worth, Texas, the heart of our home state where we’ve been rooted since 1938. We construct our gear from the strongest, toughest, highest caliber work-rated materials including duck, super duck, denim, cotton and heavyweight flannel. We build our workwear at leading-edge sewing factories in global centers of apparel manufacturing in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Kenya and Haiti. We are a proudly American-owned company. Learn more about Walls Workwear.


Walls Outdoor Goods jackets are all made to stand up to the jobsite elements. But when it comes to waterproof, there are different degrees of elemental protection.

Like technical outdoor or tactical gear, our Bristlecone Series utilizes a 3K/3K waterproof/breathable PU material coating—which both seals out wet weather and lets the body breathe during long, hard workdays. Our Bristlecone Bridgeport rugged gauge work jacket and our Bristlecone Edgewood duck work coat are constructed with waterproof material panels in the chest and other critical areas to stop weather from soaking in. The seams are not fully sealed like in a rain coat, which allows for more breathability when working hard outside. All Bristlecone Series jackets feature a DWR (durable water repellent) exterior to shed rain, sleet and snow off the surface.

The second level of resistance is weather-shedding protection and Walls builds two collections of outdoor-work-rated styles that feature a surface DWR, including our Super Duck collection that includes the Mingus work bomber, the Cypress work coat , the Oak Ridge work trucker and both of our insulated bib overalls—the Mason bib overall and the Frost bib overall . Our 3LB work hoodie, Coleman sherpa-lined duck work vest and Ditchdigger Pro double-knee work pant are also fortified with a material DWR for another layer of wet weather protection.


From the energy industry to the extraction industry, coveralls for the jobsite or worksite have been a centerpiece of the Walls Outdoor Goods® brand for eight decades. Our Plano insulated duck work coverall is a classic that has earned its stripes in bitter cold conditions like Alaska’s North Slope or the Alberta Oil Fields with a 135-gram insulated lining. The Garland insulated twill work coverall — with 135-gram insulated warmth but more breathable twill fabric—is a reliable everyday partner for turning wrenches in unheated shops or on big jobsites where temperatures and weather shift without warning.

For warmer weather or just exceptionally dirty jobs—from wrenching, ranching and welding to diesel mechanic or industrial plumber—we also build the Taft, the Tatum and the Taylor coveralls to a heightened technical spec for protection against grease, grit and grime with the same attention to construction, durability and craftsmanship that defines our Walls Outdoor Goods® brand.


The best workpants are the ones built to keep up with the guy who knows how to get the job done, without drama, day in and day out. Logical construction, craftsmanship detail and rugged durability are all hallmarks of the technical workwear Walls Outdoor Goods® builds for men who are wired to work outside, from independent tradesmen to day laborers. The proud hero of our brand is the Ditchdigger —both the Ditchdigger Pro double-knee work pant and the Ditchdigger twill all-season work pant. These hardworking pants combine lasting toughness, material flexibility and weather resistance with a name you can trust in the trades.

If you’re looking for performance, comfort and toughness in your everyday work pant, the Ditchdigger Pro work pant brings both technical construction and material durability. Built with reinforced triple-needle stitching, articulated double-knee twill, tapered legs, burly kickplates and our Smooth Move™ hidden elastic waistband, these work pants are tailor-made for getting the job done right. What makes Walls different from the rest is an attention to technical detail that has given rise to logical technical innovations such as energy orange pocket bags and a gusseted crotch for unrestricted reach and range.


Working hard outdoors means that you beat relentlessly on your gear. As a landscaper you’re exposed to bitter cold, extreme heat and everything in between. Yet bad weather is no excuse to call in sick. Our most popular choice of gear for landscaping crews is our 3LB hoodie, a reinforced, fortified sweatshirt that keeps you warm, lets your core breathe and sheds weather with a surface DWR (durable water repellent). The hoodie cut and fit is loose enough allow freedom of movement when digging, twisting or lifting, yet won’t ever feel too big or bulky, even if you’re a 3XL.

For maximum toughness and rugged weather protection, our reinforced duck canvas jackets and bibs are the top choice for basically any job where the elements are a daily struggle. In winter our insulated collection of Super Duck essentials fights the chill, while the intense heat of summer demands a pick from our Sunwall™ collection —gear that is rated up to UPF 50+ to protect your neck, arms and wrists from turning red or crisping in the hot sun. Because material flexibility is mandatory when landscaping, our legendary Ditchdigger Pro double-knee work pant and Ditchdigger twill double-knee all-season work pant are the everyday standbys for jobs that are all about moving dirt, rock and debris. They both feature articulated knees, a Smooth Move™ waistband and a worker’s relaxed fit. .


Hardworking tradesmen know about early starts, abrasive conditions and challenging weather. They also know to pick the right tool for the job. At Walls, we make a full kit of tools matched to the task at hand and the weather that’s on the radar. Jobsite, construction zone or just that giant hole in the earth that is birthing a skyscraper, we’ll match task and toughness in what you wear to work.

If it’s a cold, rainy November Monday morning and the suits are headed into a climate controlled office—but you need elemental protection to lead your crew through a tricky framing job—the last thing you need to be thinking about is the weather outside.

In that been-there scenario, our Bristlecone rugged-gauge flex knit Bridgeport work jacket will keep you protected from the elements with a 3K/3K waterproof/breathable membrane in critical areas, while our tough, flexible Ditchdigger Pro duck double-knee work pant will enable you to move and hustle between tasks on the tick list. For rugged material resistance, our other Super Duck styles, such as our Coleman sherpa-lined duck work vest will withstand rough wear, job after job when working in the building, framing or construction trades.

When the clouds part, at least for a few hours, the standby on every construction site (and at every lunch truck) is the Walls Outdoor Goods® 3LB hoodie, a fortified sweatshirt that will keep you warm and comfortable without distraction. Made with thick, tough 440-weight cotton/poly material that is treated with a surface DWR, it breathes naturally to prevent overheating on the jobsite, yet won’t shred under pressure or restrict your range of motion. It can hang no matter the work or the weather.

On days when the sun shines as hot and bright as it gets—or when you’re working on a roof or surrounded by a blacktop desert—our first pick is the Sunwall™ collection for maximum UPF protection. The Dodson hoodie is our most technical selection that fuses the material technology of technical outdoor or tactical wear with jobsite readiness to turn your hot-and-humid-weather kit into a material version of sunscreen for protection from intense solar rays.


Aside from the obvious crack about, well, a little too much crack, plumbers wear overalls because they are always reaching, twisting and bending into tight quarters and strange contortions. A plumber’s world is cold, wet, dirty and grimy. Plumbers ply their critical trade under filthy houses in damp, tight crawl spaces or—if they are lucky—on your dirty floor or in your mucky basement. A plumber’s world is a mess and they are the ones you call to fix it fast.

To survive in this trade you need protection and coverage, which is why overalls and coveralls have been the plumber’s uniform longer than we’ve been alive. One of the plumber’s choice picks in our line is the Frost insulated duck work bib overall , which features reinforced water-resistant knees, hand-warmer pass-through pockets and reinforced kick plates for working in cold, unheated situations.

For everyday protection from the grit, Walls guys also reach for our Plano insulated duck work coverall for the same attention to technical detail that’s required day in and day out to get a plumber’s job done. And, for steamy, sweaty months in hot southern climates, our long-and short-sleeved workhorses, including the Taft, the Tatum and the Taylor work coveralls are poplin, twill and cotton material standbys for cool breathability so a hardworking plumber won’t get soaked with sweat from the inside.


Walls Outdoor Goods® workwear is sold throughout the Deep South, Upper Midwest, Industrial Northeast and West Coast Boomtown regions of America at workwear shops, hardware stores and farm & ranch supply locations. We’re from Texas, but nationally we are sold at Tractor Supply® as well as through regional heavyweights such as Blain’s Farm & Fleet®. You’ll also find us locally at independent workwear shops or sold direct through Amazon® and here at .


Don't get lost in translation. Walls workwear terminology is defined here.

CARGO POCKETS WITH HIDDEN ZIPPER AND SEWN DOWN FLAP: Cargo pockets are large pockets sewn onto the outside of the pant leg and often have a flap to secure the items stored inside the pockets. Our Industrial Cargo Pants and Shorts have cargo pockets with a hidden zipper and an outside multi-use pocket. They also feature sewn down flaps, so that they have the appearance of traditional cargo pockets but stay neat and professional-looking.

CROTCH GUSSET: Additional fabric piece added to the pant crotch. The crotch area of work pants can be subjected to excessive wear, tearing, or seam ripping. To prevent this Walls has added a crotch gusset to our Premium Industrial pants. This feature not only makes that area stronger, but it also makes the pant more comfortable to wear. No other competitor of Walls adds a crotch gusset to their industrial work pants. It provides added comfort and durability and results in a happier customer.

DEEPER FRONT POCKETS: There is nothing more frustrating than bending over and having all your stuff fall out of your pockets. Walls front pockets are one inch deeper than traditional pockets to help contents remain secure.

DENIM: A rugged woven twill fabric that has the warp yarns dyed indigo blue and the weft yarns left natural color or undyed. Most denim is garment washed, stone washed or chemically processed to release the stiff finish and soften the fabric. Denim jeans are the ultimate icon of American culture and considered the most rugged work wear fabric. Jeans have become very popular as a rental pant and have always been an all-American favorite casual garment.

DOGHOUSE PLACKET: A sleeve placket that creates an opening on the sleeve for easy roll up.

DOUBLE KNEE: An additional layer of fabric is added to provide extra protection for your knees. A special opening at bottom of this additional layer has been added to accommodate knee pads. Double Knee Pants provide the ultimate in durability and is a style preferred by many workers in a variety of environments.

DOUBLE NEEDLE STITCHING ON SIDES, SEAT AND YOKE: Extra stitches along seams designed to provide a more secured seam. Walls uses double needle stitching on the sides, seat and yoke of our denim jeans.

DUCK: A tightly woven canvas known for its quality and durability. The word "duck" comes from the Dutch word "derk" which means canvas.

FADE RESISTANT: The fabrics ability to maintain its original color after washing and wearing. Walls uses fabrics that keep the color and resist fading to help keep your garments from looking dingy and worn out.

GARMENT WASHED: Garment washing softens the naturally rigid denim cloth and makes the jean wearable right out of the box.

HEAVY DUTY BRASS RATCHETING ZIPPER: Industrial strength, high quality brass zipper. The ratcheting feature ensures that if stress is put on the zipper in the locked position, it will not break but instead ratchet down.

HIDDEN EXPANDABLE COMFORT WAISTBAND: A hidden section of the waistband that conceals elastic and allows the waist to expand an extra two inches. The hidden expandable comfort waistband looks just like a normal waistband, but it allows for expansion. A great fit for people who are between waist sizes or whose weight varies up and down.

INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY FRIENDLY: All Walls Industrial "Laundry Friendly" garments are built to withstand 50 industrial laundry washings or more.

LINED TWO-PIECE COLLAR: A collar constructed with two separate pieces of fabric seamed at the top and lined for extra stability. The seamed fabric allows for the collar to maintain its shape and prevent unnecessary wear.

MELAMINE BUTTONS: Strong 4-hole button designed not to crack. We use the strongest melamine buttons on our Walls shirts and pants.

METAL TACK BUTTON: A riveted metal tack button is often referred to as a jeans button and attached to the garment using a machine locking it in place unlike traditional buttons that require sewing thread.

MITERED POCKETS: Slightly curved pocket edges. Mitered pockets resist dirt and lint buildup. The added bar tacks at the opening edges provide extra strength and help prevent tearing.

MULTI-USE POCKET: Walls has made carrying essential tools easier with a multi-use pocket on some of our short or pant legs.

PERMANENT PRESS FINISH: A process developed by Williamson-Dickie in the 1930's. A finish applied to fabric at the mill, the finished garment is then pressed and heat set for superior shape retention, sharp crease, flat seams, and a "just pressed appearance" wash-after-wash. This means less pressing, and your pants and shirts will always look their best.

PERMANENT STAYS: Plastic stays sewn into the collar point to prevent curling. Helps keep your collar always looking just-pressed.

POPLIN: Poplin is a plain weave fabric and often used in high-end men's dress shirts. It is a lighter weight fabric that provides added comfort and mobility for the wearer.

REGULAR FIT: For a pant fit that is never out of style, reach for the Regular Fit. Our Regular fit pant is traditional fitting through the seat and thigh. Not too tight, and not too loose.

REINFORCED POCKETS: Extra heavy material fused onto the pocket bag sewn with triple stitching to help prevent holes. Reinforced pockets prevent holes and tears.

RELAXED FIT: Features a comfortable roomy seat and thigh. Allowing for increased comfort and mobility and is best suited for today's worker. Much more comfortable than the traditional tighter fit of competitor's garments.

SLIM FIT: For those of you that want a closer fit pant, Slim is the fit for you. Snug fit through the seat and thigh will give a sleek look without any restrictions.

STAYDARK® TECHNOLOGY: A term trademarked by Williamson-Dickie for the fabric dyeing process which ensures long lasting colors. StayDark® dye technology reduces fading and guarantees superior color retention.

TWILL WEAVE: A fabric weave identified by the diagonal line. Twill fabric makes a durable trouser.

VAT DYED: A durable form of dying textiles that bonds in the color, the most resistant to fading and holds up wash after wash. Repetitive washing needed for workwear can be harsh causing colors to fade and washout. Vat dyed fabrics retain their color longer.

WIDER BELT LOOPS: Walls uses belt loops that are wider and secured with additional bar tacking. This ensures they will not break or come loose from the pant. In addition to being extra wide, they are longer in length which helps accommodate today's wider work belts.

WRINKLE RESISTANT: A fabric that is chemically processed to resist wrinkles and hold its shape. Less ironing time and maintains its just pressed appearance throughout the day.

WATER REPELLENT: Fabrics chemically treated to repel water. Water beads up on the surface and rolls off the garment.

65/35 POLY/COTTON BLEND: Polyester is a fiber manufactured from polymers and has high strength, excellent resiliency, high abrasion resistance, resists shrinking and, maintains its shape. Cotton is a natural fiber known for its soft hand. When polyester and cotton are blended together you gain the strength and durability of polyester and the comfortable hand and breathability of cotton. Poly rich fibers are more durable and easier to maintain..



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