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Walls Pro Series isn’t just a name we gave our product. It’s named Walls Pro Series because it’s worn by professional hunters. Our technical gear has been field tested by hunters, fine-tuned and perfected to be the ultimate year-round layering system suitable for any and all hunting conditions.

Here are our dedicated professional hunters who field test our gear around the world and put it through its paces.

More about Addicted to the Outdoors
Photo: Jon and Gina Brunson

Addicted to the Outdoors

The balance of running three businesses and raising six kids would be enough to send most folks running for the hills. Jon and Gina Brunson run to the woods, or waterways, and often take their kids with them; their challenges, six deep; their way of life, refined by fire; their addiction, full-throttle outdoors; their mission, to keep you at full draw, one episode at a time. Take a walk on their wild side.

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More about Legends of the Fall
Photo: Mike and Bonnie McFerrin and Dave Bogart

Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall is produced with truly die hard deer hunters in mind. The show chronicles the high-energy hunts and behind-the-scenes action of a dedicated crew of passionate hunters. While the show spotlights a dynamic variety of adrenaline-pumping whitetail bow hunts across North America, it also offers a mix of other big game adventures.

Each episode details the lives of all Legends members in their tireless, year-round pursuit of all-things whitetail. From shed hunting and food plot planting to pre-season scouting and the harvesting of giant trophies, Legends of the Fall promises to feed viewers whitetail addiction.

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More about Backwoods Life
Photo: Michael Lee, Kevin Knighton and Mike Lee

Backwoods Life

Since 2004, Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton have been blessed enough to bring outdoor television into the homes of loyal viewers each week. The guys work hard to bring their life, personalities, and experiences to viewers that show what the average person goes through each year trying to fill tags and their freezers.

The Backwoods Life shows more of an inside look into who Michael and Kevin are, as well as, the rest of the Backwoods Life crew on a more personal level, all while showing the great hunts they have each year. After over 12 years on the air, the guys have grown to new levels and are proud to say they are average folks living a dream.

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More about Drop Zone
Photo: Hal Shaffer

Drop Zone

Former NASCAR Champion Crew Chief Greg Zipadelli and longtime big-game hunter, Hal Shaffer, go after all the big game from British Columbia to Florida. It’s non-stop action as the cameras capture all of their adventures throughout the seasons.

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More about Carnivore
Photo: Carnivore host, Gary Roberson


Follow host, Gary Roberson, and his cohorts as they predator and hound hunt across the U.S.

Gary was raised on his family’s ranch in South Texas. Living on the ranch allowed him to hunt on an almost daily basis and he certainly took advantage of the situation. He killed his first whitetail buck at age seven while hunting by himself, began calling varmints at age ten, and maintained a pack of bobcat hounds at age 12. It seemed that if there was an excuse to go to the woods, Gary would find it. Gary rates calling coyote as his favorite hunting, however, he enjoys any hunting that involves calling an animal.

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More about The High Road
Photo: The High Road host, Keith Warren

The High Road

Keith Warren is an icon in the outdoor industry and a devoted conservationist. He has been producing and hosting television shows specifically geared to outdoorsmen since 1984 and has appeared on numerous networks including Outdoor Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, Sportsman Channel, and Pursuit Channel.

Keith currently hosts The High Road with Keith Warren and Deer & Wildlife Stories with Keith Warren, nationally broadcast on the Pursuit Channel. Keith has produced and hosted seven award winning television series and over 1,200 episodes of outdoor television.

Keith grew up in Dallas, TX, and earned the honored rank of Eagle Scout at the early age of twelve, and was recognized by then-Governor Preston Smith. Keith attributes much of his success today to the lessons he learned in scouting.

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