Walls Pro Series with Scentrex ®

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Seasoned big-game hunters know that a deer’s sense of smell is 500 to 1,000 times more acute than a human’s. Scientists believe that deer have thousands of sensitive smell receptors in their nose that enables them to sort up to six smells at once.

That’s why eliminating as much human odor as possible to key to a successful whitetail deer hunt, or any big game.

Borrowing technology from the medical industry, Walls Pro Series has launched Scentrex®, a two-step system that captures and controls 99% of human odor-causing bacteria.

The science behind Scentrex is a silver-based antimicrobial finish that prevents the formation of odor causing bacteria. If any bacteria does form, a second layer of protection captures those microbes and actually degrades them.

Dual-Function Technology

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Walls Pro Series’ Scentrex technology is powered by Agion Active XL®.

Scentrex® provides huge benefits to the dedicated Walls Pro Series hunter. Benefits like keeping our gear breathable and you performing at your highest level.

Our Scentrex® technology also self-regenerates between home launderings and is guaranteed effective up to 30 home launderings.

So whether you’re stalking an elk through the mountains, or tracking a whitetail through the corn fields, our Scentrex technology has your back and covers your tracks.