About Us.

WallsThe Wearable Tool

Workwear has to perform a superior function at a superior value.

Ranchwear to us is authentic ranchwear, the types of things real cowboys wear on real ranches to work real cows.

Jerry Meyer, CEO, Walls Industries.

Walls clothing has a multitude of uses in the workplace and the sporting field, but only one true goal - to manufacture and sell the finest utility apparel on the market for people who need and understand the virtues of great workwear. In our view, Walls’ “wearable tools” are as critical to our customer’s success as the tools they carry.

Since George Walls began manufacturing his trademark one-piece coverall in the mid 1900s, Walls has been dedicated to creating products that deliver true working performance. Every detail in a Walls product from the fabric to the construction is designed to benefit the user, whether in the work place or in the field. From the ranch, to the oil field, to the duck blind, Walls’ products are created by people that truly understand the working environment and believe in what they’re doing. That’s the foundation of the Walls culture.

Walls is a market-leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of branded workwear, hunting and outdoor apparel. Walls products are sold under a number of highly recognized brand names including Walls™, Liberty™, Big Smith™, 10X™, Duxbak™, Zero Zone™, and Commander™; collectively serving a full range of price points. These trade names have developed significant brand equity through heritages dating back to the early 1900s. The company’s product line includes a full range of insulated and non-insulated utility apparel for use in the workplace and recreational activities, including coveralls, bib overalls, jackets, pants, shirts and vests for men and women as well as children. Traditional consumers include farmers, ranchers, hunters, mechanics, construction workers, oil field workers, as well as individuals who just like to wear a quality garment to keep warm and dry.

Over the last 60 years, Walls has successfully partnered with a diverse group of retail customers and the strong demand for Walls products continues in nearly all distribution channels. The company prides itself on understanding the unique needs of each customer, and co-develops apparel programs that address the needs of each market segment.

Since 1990, the Walls family of brands has generated over $2.5 billion of retail sales through leading global, national and regional retailers. In that same time period, the company has sold over 25 million coveralls and bibs throughout the world.

“It’s the wearable tool,” said Walls CEO Jerry Meyer. “It delivers performance, quality, and it delivers value. Once you buy a Walls product, wear a Walls product, and appreciate a Walls product, you’re a customer for life and I stand by that.”